Friday, February 11, 2011

You can have an Impact! Egypt today!

Have you been following the facts of what has been taking place in Cairo?  Mubarak steps down!
The reactions some have stated are similar to when the Berlin Wall Fell!

Ever wonder how much impact you as a person can make to an entire country?
Yes...No...Maybe? Whether you have thought about it or not, you as an individual not only have an impact on the United States Economy but others as well. We have all been on the edge of our seats wondering what will be the next step during the Egypt protests. After all of the recent events that have happened in the past weeks, How do you think Egypt will rise up in regards to the people, businesses, and tourism?

As you can imagine the economy is suffering as well. Take a look at this article that we have recently read upon (link is at the bottom). It is amazing how much traffic brought to the Pyramids can impact Egypt's well being. If you take a look at the staggering number on the bottom of the article it states that one bank of Egypt is estimating that their country is loosing $310 Million a day. That number all by itself is enough to hurt any economy.

So... with that being said our question for you today is...

If you knew that your Country was struggling with a Political outrage, would you sacrifice your political stand to help your Country's Economy well-being? Why or Why not?

Let us know, we are looking to have some dialog to see what everyone was thinking?

Have a good Weekend!

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Today's post provided by:  Drake Marketing Intern Tokunbo Pillot

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